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BALINT TRANS Ltd. was founded in May 2001, by Bálint József and Bálint Anna-Melinda, with 2,000,000 lei joint stock. The company has a headquarters in Sâncraiu de Mures, Str. Digului no.7, judetul Mures and a bias point in Târgu Mures, Moldovei street 14A/6.

Even from the beginning our company's activity was transportation, beginning with 2001 our company started having regular routes in the country and casually international bus routes.

In 2001 our fleet was formed of only 2 minibuses. Currently our company owns 10 cars, most of them classified on stars (according to international standards). Since then, our fleet is constantly improved, now, the oldest car has 5 years. We will keep on to this this trend and change our fleet with new cars, equiped with the best features avaiable. Now, our fleet is formed of Mercedes buses with 16 to 21 seats, with audio-visual installation, tahograph, speed-limit, ABS and air-conditioner. Our employees are professionals, with professional certificates, psychological and medical certificates and they speak at least one foreign language.

We can mention among our customers: the Local Council of Targu Mures, the Mures County Council, Sapientia University, Medicine and Farmacy University, Medicine and Farmacy and Sapientia Stundets League, Unirea High School, Bolyai Farkas High School, Superior Presentor- Reader Istitute, some of the traditional transilvanian churches (Chatolic, Reformed, Pentecostal), Krónika newspaper, the National Theatre, etc.

The new headquarters of our company will open soon. It will include specialized bus service for our and other cars maintenance . We also intend to create some new bias point in country.


Sâncraiu de Mureş Headquarter, str. Digului nr.7 , jud. Mureş, 0265-255-092, 0745-611-999, 0740-064-999

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